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How to Disable Renaming Rules in QuickBooks?

· QuickBooks Support

Are you experiencing the issue that your payee name is automatically changed in your QuickBooks Account and you want to go on the same name? It happens because of the QuickBooks automated feature “Renaming rules”. That automatically does the slight change in the name of transaction you download, if it finds the similar existing entry. This can be beneficial in the efficient running of your Business. But it can also bring about the problems when it renames the payee name incorrectly. So you can stop this feature from creating any more renaming rules by switching to the register mode.

So here QuickBooks Support Canada explained a complete solution by which you can readily accomplish this task. You just need to follow these steps, discussed below:

  • Before performing this task, you have to take care of certain things. Make sure you update your product from the Intuit “Product Updates and Downloads” Web page. You should be in “Single User Mode”, if you are not, then select the “File” menu and then click “Switch to Single-user Mode”.
  • Select “Edit” menu, and then open the Preference window by clicking “Preference” button.
  • Go to the navigation pane and click “Checking”.
  • Now you have to select the “Company Preferences” tab at the top of the window.
  • You can find the tab “Register Mode” in the online banking section. Click to change and then click “Ok”.
  • You are done with this task now.

These are the steps our experts have explained you. This is comparatively an easy task; you just have to follow some steps. But sometimes in the case of some other addition issue, performing this task becomes complicated. Therefore in case of any glitch, it is always better to get in touch with the experts. So feel free to contact our experts via toll-free QuickBooks Support Number 1-855-687-3777. They will not only help you on this particular issue but also provide you with a well-described solution in some other similar issue.

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